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Indian ITES and BPO industry is witnessing a phenomenal growth, further fuelled by the riding boom in the economy the industry contribution to the Indian GDP is on the rise. As the major reason for the BPO boom is the cost advantage the multinational companies enjoy, with increased pressure on costs the process and the systems have become heavily dependent on technology everything needs to be automated. Most critical functions are performed by automated information systems.


With this dependence on the new technology, the dynamics of the risks have also shifted from man made to more systemic risks. It has become prudent for the companies to seek expert help in identifying the risk and deciding upon the insurance cover.


The most prominent risks faced by the ITES and BPO industry are
  • Cyber Crime
  • System Hacking
  • Directors Legal Liability
  • Damage to Property by Fire, Burglary, etc.
  • Manpower Retention
Insurance solutions for IT/ ITes include
  • Property insurance
  • Professional indemnity- claim arising due to misjudgement by the professional
  • Commercial crime insurance
  • Cyber liability - System damage, business interruption, brand protection
  • Commercial and general liability
  • Group overseas travel insurance
  • Group Mediclaim
  • Group Term insurance
  • Keyman insurance - Death of a keyman, covering more than one keyman
  • Special contingency insurance - kidnap, ransom and extortion
  • Credit risk - insolvency or non payment of dues
  • Political risks - Riots, strike, war, forced evacuation
  • Group Health insurance


At VIBS, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution, with best company and policies that suits your need.

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